Why rent from BPM?

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If you are a student at a local college such as Gannon, Mercyhurst, Penn State Berhend or LECOM or if you are a resident looking for a place to call home this is for you. When looking for apartments for rent in Erie, PA many things come to mind. Cost, Location, and Quality are the main things that pop into everyone’s mind, but there is a question. The question everyone asks is what company can give me the best of all worlds? The answer, BPM Housing. Along with our outstanding traits as a company we also like to focus on the personal matters too.

  1. Affordability

Cost is a major factor when buying or renting. Affording the month to month payment plus all of your other expenses on top of that can be stressful when it comes time for payment. For students we have what we call a 3% Utility Reduction Program,. This means that us as a company will take 3% off of the electric and gas utilities for you. For residents we have many properties ranging from low to high monthly payments. Our staff is specially trained to find something that screams your name but doesn’t make your wallet cry.


2. Location, Location, Location

In HGTV, Property brothers or another property show they always say that location is key. When buying or renting a property you want to make sure that its in a spot where everything is at a convenience to you. BPM Housing is in the right location just for that.Currently BPM housing properties are located between West 3rd and West 9th street. This location is key to navigating Erie. The properties are steps away from downtown, a hop skip and a jump from Milcreek and most importantly a short drive from Presque Isle. The location of any of our properties are less than a 1 minute walk from Gannon University’s campus as well as around a 10 minute drive to Merceyhurst but add another 5 minutes and your at Behrend. Soon they will be saying Location, Location, BPM Housing.


3. High Standards

When picking the right place to live you want a place that you walk in and your first words are wow, beautiful and somethings they are not even words. This is exactly what you will get with properties from BPM Housing. The properties we offer are beautiful, big, baffling homes. BPM Housing sets that high standard for you so you don’t have too. We make sure what we expect you to live in we would live in ourselves. Here at BPM we know what’s best for you.

Apartments for rent in Erie, PA with everything you want for a reasonable cost and in the location you need is hard to come by. Bauer Property Management can reach all of those wants and needs at the click of a button. Visit our website at www.bpmhousing.com for more information on how we can fill your student housing or residential needs here at BPM Housing.