Move-in Assistance Request

  1. After you signed the lease, paid security deposit and first month rent, you can open a maintenance work order for the move-in assistance.

  2. The move-in assistance is free for our student-tenants

  3. Go to Tenant Page and report maintenance. To open maintenance work order follow instructions.

  4. For the category, use “Space”, put your name, address and phone number, date and time you would like to have the assistance service. Our maintenance supervisor will get in touch with you and will schedule Move-in Assistance service

    Our maintenance team will only help with heavy and bulky items (ex. couch, bed, mattress, heavy boxes. No lamps, clothes etc.)

Report Maintenance Problem

If you have any maintenance issues or concerns such as a water leak, fridge not cooling, power outage, etc. you will need to go to our website and under neath the Tenant page click Report Maintenance. 


This action will take you to a log in page where you will need to enter your email address and password.


In your account click Request Maintenance 


Select the type of issue and write a description of the problem. Please put as much detail as possible and add pictures. If you have roommates please let them know you submitted the work order and someone will stopping by.  After you are done hit Submit and our maintenance will be in touch with you shortly.


How to Pay Rent Online

1. You will receive the link of invitation to activate your online account via text or email.





2. Click on the link and create your password

3. After the password has been created it will log you into the online portal where you can pay rent and report maintenance problems. In order to log into the account again, you may bookmark to your browser or will visit our website and click on the Tenant page. 


4. Log in with your email and password.


5. Select Pay Now


6. Select the payment method. Select E-Check it is free of fee. It will need your banking information: Routing and Account number.  Or pay with a credit card 2% fee will apply.  

E-Check method

E-Check method


7. After you've made your first payment it will save your payment information and you do not need to enter it next time.  You will get an email of confirmation.

Benefits of Living Off-Campus

You should live off campus while you’re an undergrad in college.

Whether you’re transferring to a college or a returning junior, one of the big decisions we usually have to make at some point in our college career is whether to live on or off campus. While it seems that underclassmen tend to stay on campus and upperclassmen may be more inclined to get off, it’s undoubtedly an important decision.

There are incredible upsides to each–but from my experiences, here are the top four reasons to live off campus:


1. Price 

In average the on-campus housing cost per year is $9,000 (Gannon University 2017). The average room off campus will cost you $425 per month which will make it $5,700 per year. With calculation, you will save  $3,330+ just for moving out. Plus you will get your own room and parking which also will save you extra $600.


2. Freedom

When living off campus, you’ll never have to be supervised by the infamous RAs or cater to a random roommate. You will pick your own squad for the year. Whatever you do in your house is your business.


3. Privacy

Off-campus housing will provide you with your own room. No worries about your suitemate long nights or his/her friends. Living off campus can truly be liberating! There is basically no one to tell you how you can act or what time you should be at home! Party on Friday night or need quiet space to study for the upcoming test? Your house your rules. 


4. Adult life experiences

Living off campus provides students with the opportunity to become an adult. 

Off-campus students have much more responsibilities than most on-campus students; besides the work they have for school, off-campus students are usually responsible for paying their monthly rent, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of other financial matters regarding their living space.

This truly gives students a chance to be welcomed into the real world. With this new experience, they will be prepared to rely on no one but themselves.

With the new program at BPM, paying your rent on time will help you to build your credit score, which you will need in the near future. It will also provide you with a positive reference for your tenant history so you can relocate and easily find the place. 



The quality of college dining hall food is usually terrible no matter what school you go to. Nothing will ever compare to a home-cooked meal. If you choose to live off-campus, you never have to eat in the dining hall again! You never have to worry about disliking what’s being served because you make your own menu.

When you live off-campus, you can cook healthy and affordable meals. Alternatively, if you decide you want to splurge and bake a whole tray of chocolate chip cookies for yourself, you can do that too. The options are endless when you have your own kitchen.

Why Rent from Bauer Property Management Apartments?

Out of all of the apartments in Erie, PA- why take the leap to rent from Bauer Property Management? The answer is simple. It’s because we make your home our priority. Read more to see all the ways that Bauer Property Management goes the extra mile to give our tenants a comfortable and happy renting experience!

Apartments Nearby Your College!

BPM offers a multitude of apartments nearby Mercyhurst, Gannon, LECOM and Behrend colleges! Some apartments are within a 5-10-minute walking distance of classes.


We offer close, convenient and cheap parking passes for tenants who apply! You can find nearby parking with your apartment building or home for a low rate with convenient monthly, semester, or yearly payment plans! Make your commute to school and work easier with designated parking!

Year-Round Maintenance and Landscaping


Bauer Property Management is dedicated to keeping its spaces taken care of for its tenants. With that, landscaping and lawn mowing is done by the staff. Snow removal is also done by staff in the long winter months. Maintenance staff is also always taking requests to fix any issues that are had with the apartment to get your home back to normal in no time at all!

Easy Online Payment and Resources

We also offer access to our online tenant portal which will allow you to safely and securely pay rent online and even make maintenance requests in a streamlined way. This added element and easy-to-use system will leave the stress out of communicating with the rental office and paying rent!

Apartment Updates and Improvements

Bauer Property Management is always looking to improve and update their apartments! Take a look at this renovation below to see how our apartments are always improving! Bauer Property Management invests in making better homes with our tenants needs in mind.





Interested in making BPM's apartment your new home? Feel Free to Contact Us!